When Fashion Meets Culture: ASC Fashion Week

       A fashion week is a fashion industry event, lasting approximately one week, wherein fashion designers, brands or "houses" display their latest collections in runway shows to buyers and the media. These events influence trends for the current and upcoming seasons.

       But there are some fashion weeks, that not only focus on hot designs and trends for the spring and winter seasons, but also focus on the melting pot that is fashion, showcasing excellence in diversity and production.

       ASC Fashion Week focuses on designers from all over the globe, starting as a mere fashion week, but in the process has become a foundation for the development of brands paving the way for many to emerge as mainstream fashion houses, artists, and models. Their shows have garnered an audience of 400+  with up to 20  designers showcasing their collections.What sets ASC Fashion Week apart from your typical fashion extravaganza is their ability in every project  to successfully bring together a blend of Fashion, Art and Culture.  ASC Productions' collective platform and atmosphere brings together designers and artists from around the World to showcase their talent, skills and expertise. Their production and collective environment creates an explosive energy; collections bursting with colors, creating an atmosphere on the catwalk to remember.   

      The events held under ASC Productions attract exclusive National and International Designers, Hosts, Red Carpet Hosts, National and International Media and Photographers. Their shows draws creating networking opportunities for attendees to meet with celebrities designers, artists, fashionistas and other people who love the fashion industry.

Stayed tuned for more info on this trailblazer of an event. I'll be covering their events for Spring/Fall 2017. For now, feast your eyes on the designs of 15 designers who graced the runway last year.

                                                       Caren K by Kiran Khan

Kas and Lava Luxe


Rose Burger


Ukiyo Designs

Flowture Designs


Girls In Ballet School

Nanalola Couture

American Umma

Posh Me'Ke



Juda Charles Designs

Francoise Fashion

ASC Producers:
Amit Singh Chauhan 
Kiran Khan

ASC Production Team
Jessica Spencer
Katherin Gisela Laparral
Lisandro Barcelo Kartiar
Marcus Isaac
Own Murtajiz Naqvi

 Be sure to visit ASC Fashion Week for updates, registration opportunities, and more awesome designers pics.


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