Working Woman Wednesday: Yona Love

"We do so much as women. We spend our day to day lives being the providers, child rearers,cooks,  and business women. I'm not going to torture myself  trying to find something in my size, with the needed quality. How are we supposed to do it all?-Yona Love

Yona Love may just be the poster woman for a fed-up consumer. Forgotten and under-represented, she took matters into her own hands and created a fashion forward line for the working woman. Sophisticated styling based on the latest trends, structured to fit a fuller figured woman, cuts that drape, fabrics that give and designs that cover but don’t hug the body are all part of Yona’s signature style. Yona New York is the debut collection from deisgner Yona Love, exclusivelt for women sizes 14W-24W.  With stripes, florals, and textures to die for, Yona New York aims to please for the day to night commuter, mom, and all around busy bee. 

I sat down with Yona Love to speak about the originis of Yona New York, her passion behind the fashion, and what's up next.

What drove you to start Yona New York?

 I always loved clothes. But it's so hard to find the quality and price I need as a plus sized business women. They just don't make clothes in my size.  I was tired of being uncomfortable during the day and torturing myself to find clothes that I liked.

What message does your clothing portray? Is there a theme?

It definitely is an ode to the different hats we as women wear daily .I try to add stretcy fabrics in all of my pieces (Lycra etc.) You won't feel suffocated or constricted. You're going to be comfy in something that breathes from A.M to P.M. This is something so important because unfortunately there's no time to go home and change. My goal is to make all of the clothing so effortless, that going from work to drinks with your girlfriends is easy. You don't have to do much with the clothing and it is one less thing to worry about.

Do you have any pieces of advice for another entreprenneur lookig to start a business?

Listen to your people. Keep your ears and eyes open for what your people want. I can never get enough criticisms. You have to take the good with the bad ones, and pick what will be the most beneficial for your business. There will always be haters.

Is there anything new we can look forward to for the upcoming seasons?

I'm super excited about our fall collection. We might also start including some accessories into the line.


I for one have never been so excited for the fall! Until then, be sure to check out Yona New York's current stock in skirts, dresses, tops, and wraps. And a special just for reading today, you can enjoy 10% off of your total purchase by using the promo code faithandfashion360.

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